Join Tri Grit & Train for the Marin County Triathlon

Option 1:  Train With The Team

Join TRI GRIT in training for the Marin County Triathlon and receive discounted race entry, train on the Marin Triathlon course with the team, and have a USAT and SlowTwitch Master coach guide you through it all. We will meet in Marin Tuesdays (swim) and Thursdays (run/strength) 6-7pm and Sunday mornings 8:30-10/11 (depending on the scheduled workout). Homework (optional) will be given on alternate days. Beginners and seasoned athletes of all levels are welcome!
Training begins Sunday, August 19.

Option 2: Download

Download a 12-week plan designed specifically for the Marin Triathlon for a beginner to complete the Sprint or Olympic distance Marin Triathlon.

Option 3: Course Preview

TRI GRIT Marin Triathlon Course Preview: Join Tri Grit in learning the ins and outs of the Marin Triathlon Course (Bike and Run). Transitions, tricks, and practice to ensure your best race.
Sunday, October 14
$50 (no fee for current members)

View the Tri Grit schedule and purchase training options here.