We are trying for Zero Waste, Carbon Neutral.

In our efforts to make the world a better place to live now, and for the future, we have implemented steps to reduce the environmental impact in the presentation of our event.

The following steps are being strictly adhered to by the Marin County Marathon:

  • Power will be generated by solar energy.
  • On site recycling will be utilized to the maximum effort.
  • All paper products will be post-consumer recycled.
  • All utensils and cookware will be corn-based compostable.
  • Toilet tissue, soaps, paper towels, etc will be biodegradable.
  • We will not use regular plastic bottles of drinking water.
  • Post event meals will be only natural and/or organic.
  • Coffees, teas and other beverages served will only be organic and fair trade.
  • Our race packets will not be the typical plastic bags.
  • Our goals are to minimize the waste and carbon footprint generated by our event.

Please check back on this page as we update further actions to occur.