Kids and Family Relay

More Information

When: Saturday, October 24, 2020

Where: McNear’s Beach County Park (201 Cantera Way, San Rafael, CA 94901)

Time: 12 pm

What: A Triathlon – swim, bike, run (in that order)

Who: For the Kids’ Triathlon, any child under 13 years old (on race day) is invited to participate. Family Relays can be with two or three kids under 13 years old or one adult and one or two kids. Kids should be able to complete the swim distance for their age group (See Course Description) and to ride a bike.

Goodies: All participants will receive a race t-shirt, race bag with goodies inside, a bib number, a bike number, a swim cap, a finisher’s medal & a water bottle.

Timing: The Kids Races are not timed.

Beneficiaries: Donated to the event’s designated charities.


Course Description

10 – 12 100 yards (in the bay) 2 miles 1 mile
7 – 9 50 yards (in the bay) 1 mile 1/2 mile
Family Relay 50 yards (in the bay) 1 mile 1/2 mile
6 & Under 25 yards (in the pool) 1/2 mile 1/4 mile


Triathlon: The Kids’ Triathlon will be held in the format of swim, bike, & then run. Age groups will start at their designated time. He/she will first swim in the pool or in the bay, will then immediately go to the Transition Area. The Transition Area is where the kids will retrieve their bikes, put on their helmets, shoes and any other clothing. They will bike through the bike course and return to the Transition Area to drop off their bikes. They will then run the run course until they reach the finish line. All courses stay within McNear’s Beach County Park.

Start Times: Start times are determined by age group. We will be starting the triathlon with the oldest age group, 10-12. About 12:15 pm, we will proceed with the next age group, 7-9. After the 6 & under age group, we will have the Family Relay. Before the 6 & Under age group, there will one more group of kids (starting in the pool). The Kids Races are not timed.


Rules & Precautions

Race Bibs: Race bibs (numbers) are to be worn on the front of the athlete’s shirt during
the run section.

Body Marking: Athletes will also be body-marked prior to entering the Transition Area (to set up). Body marking is where a volunteer will write the athlete’s race number on the athlete’s body.

Transition Area: The Transition Area is open starting at 11:00 am. Before entering the Transition Area, each athlete needs to get body-marked. All athletes will have their bib number displayed on their bike, (on the front of their) running shirt and written on their body. Before the race, parents/guardians are allowed to enter the Transition Area to help set up their athlete’s area. The Transition Area closes at 11:45 am. This means all participants are ready to start the first race at 11:45 am, at which point the transition area will close. Races begin at 12 pm.

Transition Area Tips: You will need time before the race to set up in the Transition Area. Look for signs designating the age-group of your athlete. Locations are not reserved, but there will be ample space for all athletes. Athletes will have a spot in the Transition Area where their bike, helmet, shoes, socks, shirt, shorts, towel, water bottle & other needed items are located. It is recommended that you bring two towels: an old one to put on the ground to stand/sit on when changing & the other for drying off after the swim. Following the swim, athletes move into the Transition Area where they remove goggles/swim cap/etc. while quickly drying off. Bathing suit removal is not permitted. Athletes put on shorts and a shirt (with their race number pinned on in advance to the front side) over their bathing suit. Some athletes just put on their race shirt (with number) and ride with bathing suits instead of putting on shorts. Athletes then put on their helmets and walk their bikes out of the Transition Area following the sign that says Bike Out. After the ride, athletes return to the Transition Area and while walking their bikes, they go back to their spot. Their bike is placed in the rack, the helmet is removed & the athletes jog out of the Transition Area following the Run Out sign. The triathlon ends at the finish line.

After the Race: To remove your bike from the Transition Area, you must show a race number (on shirt or body) to the volunteer and match it to the race number on the bike.


Each child will need to bring the following items in order to participate:

  • Swimsuit
  • Bike
  • Bike Helmet
  • Pair of athletic shoes for the bike & run sections (Bring shoes that are easy to tie!)


Optional items that you may want to bring:

  • Towel
  • Shirt and/or shorts to wear over swimsuit during the bike & run sections
  • Socks
  • Water Bottle
  • Goggles
  • Training Wheels (if necessary)
  • Sunscreen
  • Kickboard (for the pool swim)
  • Wetsuit (for bay swim)


Event Policies

The following are policies that apply to the conducting of the Marin County Kids’ and Family Relay Triathlons:

1. Wave Starts – The parent/guardian is responsible for getting the athlete to the event with sufficient time to be ready for his/her start time. Leave enough time for body marking & bike set-up.

2. Swim Aids – Swim aids such as kickboards or floatation devices are allowed in the pool. No performance enhancing devices (such as swim fins) will be allowed.

3. Adult Swim Assistance – Adult swim assistance will be permitted in the pool.

4. Training Wheels – Training wheels are allowed.

5. Bike Helmets – Bike helmets must be worn and buckled during the bike section of the event.

6. Age Limits – The upper age limit is 12 years old (at the time of the event). There is no set lower age limit, but parents/guardians should assess the athlete’s abilities to complete his/her course.

7. Ability Level – It is our belief that each athlete should be capable of safely swimming the designated distance with no or minimal assistance. We want this triathlon experience to be a positive one; please don’t have your child try to perform beyond his/her abilities.

8. Relay Teams – Relay teams can be with two or three participants. It can be with two or three kids under 13 years old or one adult and one or two kids.

9. Refunds – There are no refunds or transfers of registration for the event. All net proceeds given to our event’s beneficiaries.

10.Transition Area – No parents/guardians are permitted in the Transition Area during the race (except for special circumstances). Special circumstances (such as a child under 6 years old require a wristband for entry). Volunteers will be present to assist the athletes and to restrict access.


Parking & Directions to McNear’s Beach County Park

McNear’s Beach County Park: 201 Cantera Way, San Rafael, CA 94901

Parking: There is a $5 county parking fee payable at the gate if you drive in. Parking lots will open at 10:30 am (immediately following the Sprint distance event). No cars parked in the Main parking lot will be able to leave until after the Kids Races are completed.

Driving from the North:

Take 101 South to the Central San Rafael Exit…this becomes Hetherton Street

Turn Left onto 2nd Street

Stay on 2nd Street (it becomes 3rd Street and then Point San Pedro Road)…about 4 miles

Turn Right onto Cantera Way

Driving from the South:

Take 101 North to the Central San Rafael Exit…this becomes Irwin Street

Turn right onto 2nd Street

Stay on 2nd Street (it becomes 3rd Street and then Point San Pedro Road)…about 4 miles

Turn Right onto Cantera Way

Other Options: One option is to park on the road (in designated parking spots), from which you can have a fun warm up as you bike or walk in together.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my child swim using a kickboard, life vest or “floaties”?

A. Yes. The only items not permitted during the swim are performance enhancing devices (such as fins).

Q. Can my child hang on to the side of the pool or the lane line if he/she gets tired?

A. Yes.

Q. Are training wheels permitted on the bike?

A. Yes

Q. Can we borrow a bike helmet at the event?

A. No, each child must bring his/her own helmet (and bike).

Q. Can I assist my child in the Transition Area?

A. No, only parents/guardians with a wristband will have access to the Transition Area. Otherwise, only volunteers are allowed inside the Transition Area (including before the race begins).

Q. Does my child need to have a wetsuit?

A. No, but make sure he/she is aware of how chilly the bay will be.

Course Map