When is mandatory Packet Pick Up?

  • Thursday, November 1 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
    Location to be determined.
  • Friday, November 2 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    McNear’s Beach County Park
    201 Cantera Way, San Rafael, CA 94901
    Come watch us setup and check out the Course!
  • Saturday, November 3, 11:00 am till 2:00 pm
    McNear’s Beach County Park
    201 Cantera Way, San Rafael, CA 94901
    This is for those participating on SUNDAY for our OLYMPIC event ONLY!
    The Park will be charging a $5 parking fee.

Race morning packet pick up ($20) must be arranged ahead of time either during registration OR by emailing hope@sustainablesports.org.

Each participant must pick up his or her own packet and must show photo ID.

No exceptions.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Where should participants and families park?

Reserved parking is only available in advance. If you did not purchase parking when registering for the race, you may do so, prior to race week, by emailing info@sustainablesports.org (amounts below) along with your name. You will then be forwarded a PayPal invoice for payment via PayPal or Credit Card for your reserved parking pass.

  • Reserved $25
  • VIP Reserved $50
  • VIP Reserved with Reserved Bike Rack $75

The above applies to both Sprint and Olympic distance events only.

For the Kids Races on Saturday (after 11:00 am):

McNear’s Beach County Park: 201 Cantera Way, San Rafael, CA 94901

Parking: There is a $5 county parking fee payable at the gate if you drive in. Parking lots will open at 11am (immediately following the Sprint distance event). No cars parked in the Main parking lot will be able to leave until after the Kids Races are completed. Complimentary shuttle buses will operate along Point San Pedro Road (beginning at San Pedro Elementary School) to and from the front entrance of the park from 6am till 2pm)

Where is an okay place to park on the street for Saturday and Sunday mornings only?

On Point San Pedro Road anywhere west (or before) you get to Main Drive (off of Point San Pedro Road) is ok. It would be best to not park at Andy’s Market. Also, see shuttle information below.


What time will the complimentary shuttles run on Saturday and Sunday?

The shuttle will run continuously from 6am until one hour after the end of the Sprint and Olympic distance races.

What is the shuttle route?

The shuttles will run a continuous loop along Point San Pedro Road. It will stop at three different pickup points (tripods with black signs mark the stops) and then to the front gates until 7:30 am. At 7:30 the drop off location will change. The drop off location will then be south of the entrance at Heritage & Point San Pedro. From Heritage, the entrance to the park is east about 1/2 of a mile. The three shuttle stops are: (#1) at Marin Yacht Club at the corner of Summit Ave (about 3 miles from the entrance to the park), (#2) San Pedro Elementary School at 498 Point San Pedro Road (about 2.5 miles from the entrance to the park) and (#3) Loch Lomond Drive (about 2.2 miles from the entrance to the park). After the race, you can pick up the shuttle at the entrance of the park.

If someone registered for General Reserved Parking ($25), VIP Reserved Parking ($50) or VIP Reserved Parking plus Reserved Bike Rack ($75), where is the parking pass?

Participants will be emailed a pass to print out and bring with them to use. It will be sent about one week before the race.

If someone registered for VIP Reserved Parking and Reserved Bike Rack, where is the VIP Bike Rack section?

Find his or her name labeled on one of the bike racks in the VIP section of the Transition Area.

When can participants start setting up their bikes in the Transition Area?

6am Saturday for the Sprint distances, 11am Saturday for the Kids Triathlon and 6am Sunday for the Olympic distances.

On Saturday, what time will the main lots be re-opened for people to park?

On Saturday the road (and parking lots) will open again at approx. 10:30am. The main paved VIP parking lot, however, will be closed from approx. 12:00pm-1:00pm for our Kids & Family Triathlon.

On Saturday, what time does the first race begin for the Kids’ & Family Races?


On Saturday and Sunday, what time does McNear’s Beach open the front gate?


Can I pick up someone else’s race packet?

No, USAT rules state that each person needs to pick up his or her own race packet (after he/she has shown a photo ID).

What time should all bikes be set up by?

7:45 am is the Transition Area closing time for the Sprint and Olympic distances.

Where should racers be from 7:45 am until the start of the race?

All racers should wait at the Swim Start for race instructions.

What time does the Sprint and Olympic triathlons start?

8am – Sprint on Saturday/Olympic on Sunday

What time does the Duathlon start?

8am each day – Sprint on Saturday/Olympic on Sunday

Where/How will the Duathlon begin?

Both Duathlons will begin at the Swim Start area. The Sprint Duathlon will begin with a 1 mile run up Cantera way & back down to bike transition & the Olympic Duathlon will begin with a 5K run.

What time will the first finishers be done?

Beginning at 8:50am Saturday & 10am Sunday.

Which direction does the bike race follow?

After the swimmers leave the water and enter the transition area, bikers will travel through the VIP Parking lot, up the hill (Cantera Way) to Point San Pedro Road, turn right at the top of the hill, follow the road until the turn around point (Back Ranch Meadows Campground Entrance), return on the same road, pass the entrance to McNear’s Beach, and follow Point San Pedro Road until the turn around point (at the quarry). For the Olympic distance course, the riders will follow this loop two more times. After their third time passing the quarry, the riders will return to McNear’s Beach with a right turn entering down onto Cantera Way, through the parking lot & into the Transition Area (the same direction they entered after the swim). The Sprint distance course only does one loop of the bike course.

Which direction does the run follow?

After leaving the transition area, the runners will circle around the back of the pool and past the tennis courts (toward the water), & turn right along the water (yes, this is toward the finish line/Expo area). They will run through the Expo, the parking lot and run up the left side of the driveway/hill (Cantera Way). At the top of the hill, the runners will turn left onto the road (Point San Pedro Road). For the Olympic distance race, after turning around at the park on the corner of Main Drive, the runners will run toward McNear’s & just before they reach the quarry, the runners will then double-back the same route to the park at the corner of Main Drive, turn around & run to McNear’s entrance. When they get to the fork in the road (the road starts to go down to the Expo area), the runners will take the left fork (the Service Road) down to the back of the Transition Area. (Therefore, they do not run down the entire length of Cantera Way into the parking lot!) When they get to the bottom, they will turn left at the Transition Area, continue around the pool & tennis courts, turn right and finish in the Expo area. For the Sprint distance race, runners only make one loop to the quarry and back (see race course tab on the website).

Are there any Transition Area rules?

Yes. To enter the Transition Area in the morning, you will first need to be body marked as well as have your bike number attached to your bike. After the event, to retrieve your bike, you will need to show your bib number to the volunteer & to match it to the number on your bike to exit the Transition Area.

Relay Information:

After the swim, the swimmer must get to the bike (still up on the rack), then he/she can switch the chip to the next relay member, take down the bike & go. After biking, the relay member must rack the bike before passing off the chip to the next relay member.

Extra Information:

If you have any old running shoes or race clothing, please bring it to the Packet Pick Up area to donate.

Thank you for your cooperation and support!